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The Goal

Plans for the Field of Dreams bike center include a pump track, race track, and future cycling academy built on 16 acres of land deep in the Bugesera district of Rwanda. The completed complex will offer 120,000 students in the Bugesera district, between the ages of 6 and 18, the opportunity to take up biking and to develop their skills, thrive, and achieve success through cycling.

The cost of building the Field of Dreams race track and pump track is 300,000€.

The Tour de France Kit

To celebrate the Field of Dreams campaign, Israel – Premier Tech raced with a new kit at this year's Tour de France.
The IPT Tour de France jersey, designed by Stijn Dossche (, celebrates the colors of the rich soil and lush greenery that brightens the landscape of the ‘land of a thousand hills’, and features the Rwandan art form Imigongo as the hero of the jersey design.

The Next Step in Racing for Change

After adopting the only women's cycling team in Rwanda, Bugesera Cycling Team, last year, the impact of the first phase of the Racing for Change project was immediately felt as the women’s team progressed quickly under the supervision of IPT coaches and staff. The introduction of professional know-how, equipment, and training directly attributed to the inspiring story of Aline Uwera. 16-year-old Uwera became the first female Rwandan cyclist to finish on the podium of the African championships and was subsequently dubbed the “daughter of hope” by the media.

The Field of Dreams is the next step in transforming the lives of thousands of Rwandan youth.

An Engine of Change

The proposed Field of Dreams bike center enjoys the full support of Bugesera’s Mayor, Richard Mutabazi, whose district consists of 566 villages home to half a million residents, many of them connected by roads that would benefit from an increase in cycling infrastructure.

Richard Mutabazi: "This unprecedented initiative promises to have a huge effect on the new generation of Bugesera and possibly all of Rwanda, well beyond cycling. We envision the infrastructure being built for this "Field of Dreams" will drive economic and social progress."

We Need Your Help

IPT is calling upon cyclists and cycling fans from around the world to take part in building the bike center. The team, including owners, riders, and staff, is leading the way with donations and their commitment to raising funds on the unique platform:

A sign of its commitment, IPT will match every donation to the Field of Dreams above and beyond the donations made by owners and riders. Additionally, prizes will be given to all donors regardless of the size of the donation, with special prizes which include the limited-edition TDF jersey and a custom painted TDF Factor bike. The full list of recipients of RFC merchandise can be found here:

Baltimore Blue and White

Goods finally delivered