Israel – Premier Tech and its owner Sylvan Adams were honored by the Fausto Coppi Foundation for promoting projects of “peace, solidarity and social missions to change people’s lives.”
The award, titled Ambassador of the World, was delivered to the team in a special ceremony held in the home of Fausto Coppi, now a museum dedicated to the man who was one of Italy’s greatest riders.
The Coppi Foundation recognized IPT and Mr. Adams for human efforts, from their critical role in helping to rescue scores of Afghan athletes following the Taliban take over to the Racing for Change project the team initiated in Rwanda.
Under the Racing for Change banner, the team adopted the only women’s cycling team in Rwanda and has been driving social riding programs for kids in the district of Bugesera.
IPT team owner Sylvan Adams played a crucial part in the rescue mission that enabled many Afghan athletes, including many female Afghan cyclists, to flee the Taliban and find shelter and new lives in the west. Recently, the team was also involved in helping with the efforts to transfer the Ukrainian national team to safe haven in Abruzzo.
Mr. Adams expressed his pride and gratitude to the Cassa Coppi foundation for the award on behalf of the whole team:

“We are more than just a racing team. We carry the traditions of our home nation, the Nation of the Jewish people. This includes our ancient Jewish moral imperative as individuals to practice “Tikkun Olam,” roughly translated as improving the world. “
“As such, IPT carries a social mission, one of peace, diversity, and freedom, but also a responsibility to carry this message around the world in the best traditions of our Nation.”
Especially now, in the wake of the unforgivable events that have taken place in Afghanistan and, more recently, Ukraine, it’s important to help our brothers and sisters in foreign lands in any way we can. If each of us does this, we can improve the lives of many.”