IPT partnered with “Ignite Power” to install solar panels in the homes of young cyclists

The Israeli solar company will provide families with advanced solar energy systems for free

Hundreds of families in Rwanda will be connected to electricity for free as part of team Israel – Premier Tech’s Racing for Change initiative in the country. The kids who participate in the cycling program at the team’s new Field of Dreams in Bugesera, Rwanda will be able to do their homework after dark, for the first time in their lives.

The gift of light to the families residing in villages all over the District of Bugesera, where IPT recently inaugurated a state-of-the-art bike center, became a reality following a unique partnership formed between the team and Ignite Power, a leading pan-African off-grid solar company headquartered in Israel and the UAE.

As part of the partnership, Ignite will install advanced solar systems in the homes of the youth who participate in the bike center’s activities. For many of these kids, it will be the first time their families have access to basic electricity in their homes.

We are thrilled to partner with Israel – Premier Tech and its Field of Dreams project in Rwanda,” said Peter Feinberg, a Board Member of Ignite Power. “This collaboration reflects Ignite’s commitment to empowering the people who need it most with access to reliable, clean energy to transform their lives. By deploying these systems, we enhance education and economic development, reduce fire and health hazards, and create a more sustainable future for all.

Over the past few days, more than 20 homes have already been connected to electricity through this project and many more families will be connected in the next few weeks. Ignite Power will connect at least 200 homes this year and aim to connect thousands more in the future.

Just a few days ago, Ignite Power connected a solar panel to the mud home of the Nyiraromba family after one of the children began riding on the new pump track built at the Field of Dreams center. For his grandmother, Venantien, who was born in the family home 78 years ago, this was her first experience living with electricity. “It may be too late for me, but I am happy for my grandchildren,” she said.

The Field of Dreams bike center was built by IPT with the support of more than a thousand cycling fans worldwide. The center will allow thousands of children to learn to ride in a unique and safe environment. This will significantly boost cycling in Rwanda, which will host Africa’s first UCI Road World Championships in 2025. The plan is to introduce weekly races on the Field of Dreams track between riders from across Rwanda.

Israel – Premier Tech owner Sylvan Adams thanked Ignite Power for joining forces, saying that “bringing light and energy to homes is an enormous gift.”

Adams continued, “This Field of Dreams that we built is the foundation for virtuous branches that provide sorely needed aid to our adopted Bugesera community. The best example is our partnership with Ignite, bringing solar-powered electricity to our community for the first time. These installations provide electricity for light, cooking, and even the ability to charge cellphones, saving people from the prohibitively expensive service provided by charging vendors. The residents are immeasurably grateful, and I am truly gratified to see the difference we are making with our activities and partners.”

Rwandan President Paul Kagame expressed his full support for the project during a meeting with Adams. President Kagame praised the team and its leadership for its investments in Rwandan cycling infrastructure especially because it was the team’s own initiative and came without solicitation. “I am deeply appreciative of this,” said the President.

Mr. Adams thanked the President for standing behind the project and expressed his commitment to further developing the new bike center, including building an academy.