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Guy Sagiv


From the DS

Guy Sagiv is the most veteran rider of IPT, having joined in late 2015 at the conti level. He was growing with the project and took all the major steps with it. Guy was the first Israeli to complete a Grand Tour and developed his specialties in the sprint train, short climbs, pavé, and wherever bike handling is needed on the highest level. His mind is race ready and his suitcase is good to go whenever you need him.

-  Dror Pekatch

Career Stats

  • 5 Pro Wins
  • 2 Grand Tours
  • 4 Monuments

3 x National Championships Israel - Road Race (2019, 2016, 2015)
2 x National Championships Israel - ITT (2020, 2017)

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  • Born in Israel
  • 27 years old
  • Birthday: December 5th
  • 68 kg 1.80 m
  • Based in Girona, Spain
  • Speaks Hebrew, English
  • Joined the team in 2015
  • How to say his name  

Spot Him in The Bunch

With the Israeli bands on his jersey as former road race champion.

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