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Guy Sagiv


From the DS

Guy has proudly made his way from the Israeli pioneer Grand Tours as a "finisher" to an important team player and one of our road captains. It took time for both him and the team to understand what he is good at, and since then we have see him grow consistently in the right direction. He is a guy who is always positive, always says yes and jumps at every task. Last year, he suffered some bad luck but now he is very focus and determined to do something special.

-  Dror Pekatch

Career Stats

  • 5 Pro Wins
  • 2 Grand Tours
  • 4 Monuments

3 x National Championships Israel - Road Race (2019, 2016, 2015)
2 x National Championships Israel - ITT (2020, 2017)

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Joined the team

  • 2015


  • Born in Israel
  • 28 years old
  • Birthday: December 5th
  • 68 kg 1.80 m
  • Based in Girona, Spain
  • Speaks Hebrew, English
  • How to say his name  

Spot Him in The Bunch

With the Israeli bands on his jersey as former road race champion.

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