Choose the picture of the year – powered by VINI FANTINI

Our lives are made up of an endless series of images.Vini Fantini - Farnese Vini
How many do we remember vividly? Only a precious few – the ones that leave a mark.

We chose 20 images representing 20 scenes, moments that touched and shaped the ISRAEL START-UP NATION journey in 2020.

These pictures, mostly taken by team photographer Noa Arnon, captured happiness, pain, beauty, victory, and the human spirit at its very best.

We invite you to pick your favorite image. Three lucky participants will receive a unique gift of wine from our partner Vini Fantini.

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The photos:

Picture 1:

Dust in the Negev Desert, Israel

Photo: Noa Arnon

Photo 2

Cimo meets the locals in Jerusalem

Photo: Noa Arnon

Photo 3:

Greipel helps out

Photo: Noa Arnon

Photo 4:

ISN visits Yad Vashem

Photo: Noa Arnon

Photo 5:

Barbier wins in San Juan

Photo: Bettini Photos

Photo 6:

Omer Lahav battles against Rwandan locals

Photo: Noa Arnon

Photo 7:

Hofstetter wins Le Samyn

Photo: Bettini Photos

Photo 8:

‘Is this aero enough’?

Photo: Mr. Pinko

Photo 9:

‘Another face mask, please’

Photo: Noa Arnon

Photo 10:

Free signatures in the UAE

Photo: Bettini Photos

Photo 11:

A concentrated Omer Goldstein

Photo: Noa Arnon

Photo 12:

Greipel’s anticlimax in the opening stage of the Tour

Photo: Noa Arnon

Photo 13:

Guy Niv finished the Tour de France

Photo: Noa Arnon

Photo 14:

Dowsett wins in the Giro d’Italia

Photo: Bettini Photos

Photo 15:

A cold day in the Giro

Photo: Bettini Photos

Photo 16:

Dan Martin wins in green in La Vuelta

Photo: Bettini Photos

Photo 17:

An exhausted Dan Martin

Photo: Noa Arnon

Photo 18:

Horseman greets the peloton

Photo: Noa Arnon

Photo 19:

Finishing the season in Madrid

Photo: Noa Arnon

Photo 20:

Farewell 2020

Photo: Uriel Cohen

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