Israel Cycling Academy Announcement:

“The best Italian Wine Producer” is now ICA.

VINI FANTINI will sponsor the Israeli team next season.

The Team – on the verge of its first World Tour season – will carry “Vini Fantini” on the front of its Jersey.

Vini Fantini: “ICA is the best choice we have made to promote our brand all over the world.”

Tel – Aviv November 22


Israel Cycling Academy (ICA) will be carrying “VINI FANTINI” on the front of its Race Jerseys in 2020 after the famous Italian Wine Producer decided to sponsor the Israeli team.

Elected as the “Best Wine Producer” in Italy, Vini Fantini has supported various cycling teams in the last 11 years. However, Vini Fantini has selected the Israeli team as its sole partner in Pro Cycling.

“For an international brand like us who distribute our wines in 84 countries around the planet, ICA is simply the perfect choice. This Team has such a unique international appeal.” said Valentino Sciotti, The President of Farnese Group who owns the wine brand.”

This major sponsorship deal is the first to be announced by the Israel Cycling Academy, on the verge of stepping out into the World Tour next season, (pending formal UCI approval).

Mr. Sciotti was also quick to note that his company decided to partner with ICA even before the World Tour plans emerged:

“For us and the world, Israel Cycling Academy is more than just a cycling team.
“It is a fantastic project, promoting the true meaning of sports; building bridges between all people and open to all. Add to that, the team’s signature enthusiasm, the passion, professionalism, and the eagerness to grow – there was no dilemma for us whatsoever.”

VINI FANTINI will sponsor the Israel cycling academy team next season

ICA team owner Sylvan Adams expressed his pleasure of partnering with the Italian wine producer:

“Vini Fantini has been a great supporter of our sport for many years. We are proud to be the new home of the Vini Fantini brand. With a glass of your wine, we welcome you with a toast. Le-Chaim. (Cheers)”

Speaking of cheers, The Italian company has revealed that it is about to introduce a “Kosher” wine and it will be distributed in Israel.

“I am happy to see our adventure is about to start.” said Mr. Sciotti. “In the first 11 years of sponsorship, I did not always take part in the events, but I am sure this time, I will be supporting the team wholeheartedly and am very proud of this partnership.”


About Vini Fantini:

• Vini Fantini is a brand that belongs to the Farnese Group, a winery born in Abruzzo in 1993, and started to sell wines worldwide in 1996. In only a few years, it became the leading company in Southern Italy with wineries in 6 regions, a turnover of more than 70 million Euros, with sales to 84 countries worldwide, including Israel.

• Farnese Group is also one of the leading companies in Italy for the number of awards and accolades it has achieved. Its wines have been awarded ‘Wine of the Year’ several times. The winery itself was appointed ‘Winery of the Year’ in 2017, and at the same time, received the same winning accolade in Italy, Germany, and Belgium.”

VINI FANTINI will sponsor the Israel cycling academy team next season