Israeli technology to protect the team and the public

Nice/Tel Aviv, August 25, 2020, Team Israel Start-Up Nation will use new innovative Israeli COVID-19 protective masks — as extreme measures are taken to ensure the safety of the biggest and most famous race in the world, the Tour de France.

The Israeli team will make its historic debut in the race as the threat of Coronavirus looms overhead. To protect the riders and the public, all teams must adhere to extreme measures, including following the UCI’s bubble protocol.

For extra safety, Israel Start-Up Nation turned to Israeli innovation for help. The team will wear the best high-tech anti-COVID-19 masks available at the Tour de France – the SonoMask by Sonovia. Start-Up Nation Central, whose name is proudly worn on the team’s jersey, initiated the collaboration with this start-up company.

The SonoMask by Sonovia can be washed, and reused 100 times without losing its effectiveness. All Israel Start-Up Nation riders will be wearing it in all races from now on, including the Tour de France.

What makes SonoMask the most advanced mask around? It is made from an anti-pathogen fabric which the firm developed and has been scientifically proven to neutralize COVID-19. Plus, it is reusable, washable, and provides two-sided protection.

And it is comfortable to wear, which is certainly not something all masks can claim, with its built-in adjustable noseband, adjustable ear loops/head straps and ergonomic design. It will also proudly bear the team Israel Start-Up Nation logo, for the Tour de France and for all other upcoming events.

Sylvan Adams, Israel Start-Up Nation team owner:

“Our team will be wearing special COVID resistant Sonovia SonoMasks, developed by Israeli technology. This sponsorship is part of the collaboration ISN has with Start-Up Nation Central, which helps bring cutting edge Israeli products to the marketplace. Our lives are enhanced by world-leading Israeli innovation and exhibiting new ‘made in Israel’ technologies is part of ISN’s mission.”


“It only seems appropriate that we use these masks from a start-up company that is associated with our title sponsor. And of course, it is the best available – we expect nothing less!” said Guy Niv, who will be at the start of the Tour de France this coming Saturday, as the first Israeli rider in history to participate.


Dr. Jason Migdal, Research and Development Scientist at Sonovia Ltd., coordinated the initiative, saying that “due to the new mandatory restrictions in place for this year’s cycling event, including spot-testing of participants and team disqualifications if any member tests positive for COVID-19, we recommended the use of our advanced SonoMask. Its innate anti-viral technology will keep the Israel team protected and in the game, and our masks’ superior breathability and odor control will give the cyclists a welcome competitive edge on the path to success.”

We are glad to support this impressive team and will be eagerly following them in the Tour de France — good luck to all of them from us here at Sonovia!”

Sonovia is a start-up company that responded to the pandemic by adapting the innovative textile technology it had developed for the medical and service industries, to create personal protection in the form of reusable antiviral face masks.

The team and Sonovia were brought together by Start-Up Nation Central, a non-profit organization which encourages and supports Israeli start-up companies, helping them to find funding in order to grow, expand and succeed.

Israel has the largest number of start-ups per capita in the world, which makes Start-Up Nation Central a perfect fit for the start-up cycling team.

It connects business, government, and NGO leaders from around the world with Israeli innovation, offering Israeli innovators access to high-potential and previously inaccessible markets, through highly customized business engagements, and through Start-Up Nation Finder – an easy to use, up-to-date, free online platform for discovering and connecting with the thousands of relevant innovators.

“Israeli technological innovation has shown its potential in addressing challenges in a wide range of sectors, including Sports Tech. This commitment to innovation is reflected in the mobilization of the Israeli tech ecosystem to address the challenges brought on by COVID-19,” said Prof. Eugene Kandel, CEO of Start-Up Nation Central.

“We are gratified that Start-Up Nation Central was able to facilitate the use of Israeli protective technology by the team. We look forward to following Team Israel Start-Up Nation as it shows its true capabilities in the Tour de France. Some of the 300 cutting-edge Israeli solutions that are available on our CoronaTech Israel website are already used by the team.”