We have had so much fun seeing you guys all join our ISN/ICA Stay At Home Ride last Friday. Together we delivered a message to everyone: Stay At Home to fight Corona.

Here is the aftermovie by Sjors Beukeboom.

Alexis Renard staying home
Alexis Renard staying home

Everyone, both Zwift-users and those of you who do not have a trainer yet, were able to join the ISN-Jersey raffle via our Facebook and Instagram page.

We’ve got two winners! First of both is Kate Passow (picture in the comment section). She unfortunately could not join us during the #stayathomeride, as she had to work on the ambulance to help those in desperate need during these times of Corona Crisis. Kate, your work is more important than ever these days and we are proud that you carry out the best of your ability to help others. You deserve the jersey.

The second winner is Roy Cirkin (picture in the comment section). Roy, congratulations, and we were happy to see you riding with our fifteen ISN/ICA Pro Riders. We are looking forward to pictures of you in your new jersey on your home trainer soon.

We are definitely organizing another Stay At Home Ride on Zwift and we are planning to make it even bigger than last Friday.

Again, there will be prizes up for grabs, in our new 2020 jerseys (!) and we will ride for a good cause. ISN will organize the ride on a different day and time so it suits everyone around the globe.

Stay updated, by following us on Instagram and all other platforms. Corona is not done yet, so neither are we.


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