Giro-GC got flipped upside down.

It wasn’t a surprise that Mount Etna, the final climb in stage 3 of the Giro, would change the GC standings. But no one expected the volcano to literally flip the general classification upside down.

Bad luck struck for Israeli road race champion Guy Sagiv, who crashed approximately five kilometers into the race.

“I tried to follow another rider in the descent and crashed in a turn. I have bruises on the left side of my body, and one of my fingers is pretty hurt.” Sagiv did finish the stage.

The grupetto formed quickly on the final ascent and Dani Navarro, leader of the ISN team with sprinting ambitions, felt comfortable with the high pace in the peloton. He was able to hold on until around the last five kilometers.

“When I was dropped from the first group, I tried to keep my rhythm. It was a tough first day, and I hope to improve stage by stage.”

Navarro finished 38th, 5 minutes and 31 seconds behind the winner. The Spanish climber is now 36th in GC.

Tomorrow seems to be the first chance for the sprinters this year’s Giro. ISN’s lead-out train is looking forward to the final already.

Pics: Bettini Photo