Itamar Einhorn proved his late season form is on point with a huge sprint from behind that saw the Israeli road race champion narrowly miss the podium at the one-day Sparkassen Münsterland Giro.

A stellar display of teamwork set Itamar up for the sprint after three laps of the face finish circuit and with a big push and a solid bike throw, Itamar surged to fourth place on the line.

I think today was quite a nice race. The weather was super nice, there was a little bit of wind but nothing too serious to make any splits. So, it was just the final that was quite fast. We came to the final circuit with the help of Alex, Rick, Riley, and Oded and I kept a really good position for all of the laps. It was like a small criterium so it was really important to stay in front,” explained Einhorn.

In the final lap, it all came down to legs amongst a field of the world’s best sprinters.

When it came to the sprint, I was alone but the guys had done a great job to keep me fresh for the final. I had really good legs for the sprint. I started a little from behind but I started a bit early, 300 or 350m to go, and I went right to the line and finished fourth. I am quite happy with this considering the level of riders here, with all the big teams and good sprinters. So I am happy with the result and hoping my last week of the year coming now will be even better than that.”