It is acclimatizing to the new circumstances: most of the Israel Start-Up Nation riders traveled yesterday from their cold and sometimes snowy homes to the 30 degree, sunny United Arab Emirates.

Chris Froome and Omer Goldstein
Except for Chris Froome, who came over from California and seemed perfectly adapted to the climate. “No mountains today, but it got interesting when it started to get windier in the last hour. I felt the sand sticking to my legs and arms”, he smiled while he went on the road for a longer endurance ride.
Also, Omer Goldstein, who is in the UAE for the second time in his career, enjoyed training in a desert on a formula 1-like track made for cyclists. “It was great to ride again with my teammates and in my national jersey”, he said. “It was cool meeting Chris. He is a super nice, open and friendly guy.”
Pics: Sjors Beukeboom