Israel Start-Up Nation’s mechanic Kevin Grove is our Factor SLiCK TT-bike specialist. He loves the complexity of the time trial more than anyone else. “It is all about the details”, Grove says. “I love working so precisely. Every millimeter counts.”

The front end of TT-bikes is the most challenging, Grove – who is celebrating his birthday today – says. The UCI has specific measurements for time trial bikes and Grove’s challenge is always to push the limits. “I have to be very specific with the measurements. It is about angels, and using the right tools to get the best set-up for each rider.”

He developed his passion throughout his career as a mechanic, working on TT-bikes in several teams before joining Israel Start-Up Nation. “The love for the millimeter is something you develop through time.”

“Also, here at ISN it is great to work on the time trial bikes. Having riders like Alex Dowsett, Matthias Brändle and a few other TT-specialists in our team is fun. I love riders who are very particular about the details. We share the same passion.”

Oh, and happy birthday, Kevin!

Pics: Sjors Beukeboom