With #VisitIsrael and Hammerhead, Israel Start-Up Nation shares the favorite loops of all Israeli riders in our two teams.

In volume 6 we feature Oded Kogut. “It does not get more local for me than this.”

These are the roads where Israeli continental team-rider Oded Kogut learned cycling. “The roads in this route shaped me as a rider. Countless times did I ride them, countless intervals did I do, and countless drops of sweat soaked in the asphalt over the last years.”

“I have so many memories of this route. With my dad, with my friends and later with some different teams from the area. I had happy and hard moments, and that makes this my favorite loop in Israel.”

“It is the unique scenery, the beautiful twisty roads and the famous Carmel mountain that can be climbed from several directions. I hope to have many more memorable moments on this climb in the next years.”

To download Oded’s favorite route/GPX-file, click here.

Oded’s favorite segment, click here.

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