Did we find the “Holy Grail”?

ICA and Maxxis Tires renew partnership after

a successful first year together including a rare feat:



Tel Aviv, December 5th, 2019

Israel Cycling Academy and world-renowned tire manufacture Maxxis will continue their partnership in 2020 after an exceptionally successful racing season.

One of the unexpected highlights of the partnership between the Israeli team and the Taiwanese tire giant: an almost NO FLAT season!

Maxxis tires renews partnership with israel cycling academy

Maxxis tires statistics with Israel Cycling Academy are impressive. “In more than 300 race days in 2019, with around seven riders per day, we had IN TOTAL less than 40 flat tires”, says Jost Zevnik, Operations Manager at ICA.
He made sure to give equal credit to sealant manufacture “Orange Seal” for the impressive feat: “The combination between Maxxis and “Orange seal” proved to be a winner”, said Zevnik. “In fact, during the entire Giro d’Italia we did not have a single flat tire.”

Well, those are proper statistics, aren’t they? How many flat tires do YOU get in 2019?

No wonder that Zevnik is happy with the continuation of the collab with Maxxis. Zevnik: “Their input in making sure we can use the best material is enormous.”

Also, Pro Manager Kjell Carlström is proud of the extension of the partnership: “In 2019 we had a great collaboration with Maxxis, and therefore I am looking forward to continuing this quest for great results in 2020.”

Maxxis tires renews partnership with israel cycling academy


The happiness is mutual, and to show their excitement, Maxxis launched extraordinary tires, intended for only Israel Cycling Academy.

Maxxis: “We are very pleased to offer the team exclusive use of specially named “Yalla Academy” tires.


Reasons for Maxxis to continue with Israel Cycling Academy are the “intensive race schedule”, “subsequent multiple podium finishes in races” and the and the “lines of communication with both staff and riders.”

Maxxis: “The race schedule of Israel Cycling Academy also allows us to test tires in the most demanding race conditions.”

“Academy competes in long, high elevation stages of the Giro d’Italia, gravel sections of the Adriatica Ionica and in 2020 WorldTour races where we can learn from.”

According to the company, the relationship with the ICA-riders, ICA-team management, and ICA-support crew went from strength to strength. “Having such a large team from so many different parts of the world ensured many new perspectives were added to our tire development.”

Maxxis continues: “Last but not least, the results of ICA-riders in 2019 reward us with a lot of product images for us to share!”


It is not a surprise that Maxxis keeps focusing on developing their tires. “With ICA, we learn the most important information and get the best feedback. One of the most productive elements for us last year was the improvement in wet grip performance of the High Road tire. Therefore, we look forward to continuing our partnership with Academy in the 2020-season.”

Kjell Carlström adds: “The commitment to constantly strive for more performant products and results is a great fit for ICA as we are also striving to do our maximum.”

ICA’s Operations Manager, Jost Zevnik: “With constant testing and having Maxxis R&D team behind us, we can offer our riders the tire they deserve in all aspects.”

Maxxis tires renews partnership with israel cycling academy


All team tires that will be used are the HYPR-S compound for exceptional wet grip ability and improved rolling resistance. The high-density casing uses 170TPI (ONE70) technology which offers a more supple ride at a lighter weight. Improved breaker layers introduced to the High Road will maintain puncture protection while balancing excellent rolling resistance.