In the last week of hard training before the Giro d’Italia, Israeli climber Guy Niv did several training sessions paced by an eBike around his hometown. “I could perfectly simulate racing pace here on the safe roads in Northern Israel.”

After his solid efforts in the Tour of the Alps, Niv returned home to the beautiful Kibbutz Dan to continue his progress. Last week, Israel Start-Up Nation announced his participation in the first Grand Tour of the year, the Giro d’Italia, as one of the main domestiques for climber Dan Martin.

Niv, who feels like he is getting stronger each week, is currently following a specific training program to get him in top shape for the Giro. Part of his method includes eBike-paced training on Israeli roads.

In Niv’s case, it does not mean that he is training on an eBike himself. His training partner, Tom Itzhaki, paces him with an eBike on the climbs around Niv’s hometown. The first Israeli rider to finish the Tour de France is able to simulate racing pace more accurately than he would be able to do alone.

Niv knows that doing 5.5 watts per kilogram (w/kg) in training does not result in the same speed as doing the same number of watts in a race. “There is obviously the effect of the draft of being in the bunch,” he says. “Therefore, the same effort, in terms of power, will not be exactly the same impact on my body.”

Tom Itzhaki and Guy Niv

The former Israeli road race champion continues: “Normally, when the speed is higher, you will need to ride in a different cadence, and by speeding behind my trainer partner, I can simulate the race speed on the climbs, even when I am not giving my 100%.”

The roads in Israel, which are especially well-constructed and quiet around Niv’s home, are perfectly suited for specific training like this. It is not surprising that the 27-year-old chooses to do his final preparation in Israel.

Niv goes on to explain: “During trainings with Itzhaki, I am not looking at my Hammerhead cycling computer. My friend on the eBike is connecting to my 4iiii-power meter and heart rate sensor instead. He has the experience to set the pace that is according to my power plan. That makes eBike trainings even more comparable with racing, as I sometimes just have to follow the wheel in front of me without looking at my power data.”

The final advantage for Niv is the accelerations that his trainer partner can simulate with an eBike. “Usually,” Niv says, “after every corner or switchback, the peloton is accelerating. Itzhaki can make it feel like I am racing in a peloton when we are heading up one of the climbs here in Israel.”

Training in Israel is effective and enjoyable for the Israeli climber from Israel Start-Up Nation. He loves to share his passion for the country via his own Instagram channel, showing the true face of the country and being a fantastic ambassador for #VisitIsrael.

“I cannot make as many photos and videos that I normally make when I am doing eBike training though,” Niv jokes. “My friend knows perfectly how he can make me suffer.”

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