Ben Hermans, Domenico Pozzovivo and Itamar Einhorn were all involved in crashes in the past week at their respective races. Having undergone medical examinations and treatment, Israel – Premier Tech can provide the following updates on their condition.

Ben Hermans – Ben Hermans crashed at the Tour de Wallonie which saw him sustain an elbow (olecranon) fracture and an undisplaced pubic symphysis fracture. Ben underwent successful surgery this week to stabilize the elbow fracture and will now focus on his recovery, which will likely see him off the bike for four to six weeks.

Domenico Pozzovivo – Domenico crashed on the first stage of Vuelta a Castilla y Leon. CT scans revealed a broken rib and a small pneumothorax which requires hospitalization for draining. His return to training will be determined based on his recovery in the next week.

Itamar Einhorn – Itamar crashed out of the second stage of Czech Tour. X-rays confirmed no fractures were sustained, however he does have a knee contusion which will be monitored closely.