With #VisitIsrael and Hammerhead, Israel Start-Up Nation will share the favorite loops of all Israeli riders in our two teams. In volume 2 we feature Itamar Einhorn, the first Israeli rider to win a professional cycling race.

The Dead Sea is one of the wonders of the world, according to Israeli sprinter Itamar Einhorn. “Lucky for me it is just forty kilometers away from my home,” he says. “If I go that way, it is a beautiful ride in the desert with peaceful views on the mountains and the sea.”

Einhorn: “I smile at nature’s beauty if I head to the Dead Sea. This route really makes me happy and is, therefore, one of my top favorites.”

If Einhorn feels like climbing, he loves to take the climb up to Metzoke Dragot.

“Even though I am a sprinter, and I do not have a chance to break the KOM, it is a nice climb to do.”

“From the summit, I have an amazing view over the Dead Sea. With good weather, which is usually the case in Israel, I can see Jordan.”

Einhorn’s favorite loop & Einhorn’s favorite segment.

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