Tel Aviv, December 17, 2019

4iiii Innovations will provide powermeters and heart rate monitors to the Israel Start-Up Nation team. The Canadian company will supply the riders with 4iiii dual sided Precision Powermeters and Viiiiva heart rate monitors.

”We are excited about our new partnership with 4iiii. I believe that the team is getting a great partner which will help our riders and performance team to succeed in 2020. 4iiii will be providing they dual sided power meters, single sided power meters and Viiiiva hear rate monitors,” said Jost Zevnik, the team’s Operations Manager.

Israel Start-Up Nation names 4iiii Innovations as official powermeter sponsor

“We are proud to support the Israel Start-Up Nation’s vision aimed at young riders, bridging the gap between social class and supporting programs for children and disadvantaged communities across Israel,” said Janelle Chubey 4iiii Managing Director.
The 4iiii PRECISION Powermeters are the lightest, most accurate, waterproof, and reliable power training tools on the market. They offer extensive performance monitoring features providing reliable and real-time information about the effort being applied to move a bicycle forward. 4Iiii also offers the Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor, which is more accurate and responsive than other heart rate monitors.

iiii devices are leading the way in innovative technology to help athletes to train at their Gold Standard. Israel Start-Up Nation has chosen to collaborate with 4iiii as a global leader in powermeters, helping athletes reach their peak performance to get to the podium.

Israel Start-Up Nation names 4iiii Innovations as official powermeter sponsor