Israel Start-Up Nation has entered into a partnership agreement with the French cycling data and statistics provider, Fuoriclasse, to further strengthen the team’s scouting and recruitment process.

Fuoriclasse provides an extensive database of rider information and results from all categories ranging from Junior to U23 and the professionals. ISN performance coach, Paulo Saldanha, is certain that this new partnership will be an important step towards securing future talent for the team.

“Fuoriclasse is an excellent application that we use to scout developing riders. The search tool allows us to look deeper into race results all the way to Junior ranks so that we can follow the young up-and-coming talents”, Saldanha explains.

Olivier Poignard, CEO & Founder of Fuoriclasse: “We are proud to provide our innovative online scouting platform to Israel Start-Up Nation. Our detailed dashboards are a game-changer for pro teams to save time, benchmark their performances vs other teams on multiple criteria, and then anticipate targeting available riders at the end of the season.”

“This concept of ‘scouting as-a-service’ is quite new in pro cycling, but we are convinced that it’s the future of our sport. Getting all rider and team ranking in a single platform, from Junior to U23 and pro riders, with similar dashboards, metrics and filters for all levels, is a powerful complementary tool to traditional scouting methodologies. We are happy to start this journey with Israel Start-Up Nation.”