Team Israel Start-Up Nation and PowerWatts are happy to announce their continued collaboration for the 2021 season. Paulo Saldanha, founder of PowerWatts and the head of Performance for ISN, has integrated many of the elements and methodologies of the PowerWatts training system into the team preparation strategies.

PowerWatts is a system that was built on the philosophy that gains are made in the off-season. “The genesis of PowerWatts stems from cold hard Canadian winters with limited opportunities for meaningful outdoor training. The indoor training app was developed with methods to optimize performance across the power spectrum using hundreds of coaches and thousands of cyclists”, says Saldanha.

PowerWatts is excited to introduce some of these training methods to the world in the new training app being released next month.

“Using the PowerWatts system and the knowledge of Paulo Saldanha resulted in numbers that I’ve never achieved in my life before”

Canadian rider Guillaume Boivin has this to say when asked about PowerWatts: “Paulo and his team are masters at building programs that increase your level of fitness to new heights year after year. The PowerWatts workouts have been at the core of my training, especially during the pandemic. I’m confident I’ll be firing up in the New Year (2021) thanks to them”.

When asked about PowerWatts, Dan Martin said: “Since I’ve been training with PowerWatts, I’ve found that it is an incredibly good way to improve my fitness. PowerWatts challenges me more than any other training program I’ve used in my career. Their system pushes my limits further than I ever imagined. Using the PowerWatts system and the knowledge of Paulo Saldanha resulted in numbers that I’ve never achieved in my life before”, says the Irish rider.

ISN Team Manager, Kjell Carlström, acknowledged that the PowerWatts training app will be a great tool and used by more and more riders in the 2021 season in order to specifically prepare for their season’s goals. He considers PowerWatts a unique approach, one that has proven effective in the riders’ preparation and performances in the past and is confident of the same going forward.

“This is an exciting year for Team Israel Start-Up Nation”, says Saldanha. “We have big challenges ahead and look forward to the start of the 2021 race season”.