• ISN offers winner of the Dutch Topcompetitie traineeship in WT-team

  • Best club-rider gets one-year contract in Israel Cycling Academy

  • ICA DS Dempster: “The Netherlands one of most talented cycling countries”

Israel Start-Up Nation and De Nederlandse Loterij Topcompetitie are going to work closely together. For the winner of the Dutch cycling competition, consisting out of ten races, ISN offers a traineeship in the WorldTour-team. Also, the best club-rider (non-continental) will be offered a one-year contract in Israel Cycling Academy continental team.


Topcompetitie Israel Cycling Academy
Topcompetitie Israel Cycling Academy

The Topcompetitie is the Dutch most prominent platform for talented riders from The Netherlands and Belgium. It boosts young cyclists to show their capabilities to continental, pro-continental and WorldTour-teams.

Israel Start-Up Nation is happy to help the development of young cyclists and therefore offers the winners in different categories multiple contracts.

ISN and Topcompetitie have the wish to develop cycling and help cycling talents in common. Israel Cycling Academy Director Sportive Zak Dempster says that one key thing in any sports team is ‘forward-thinking and having a broad scope to scout talent’.


Dempster: “The partnership with the Topcompetitie is a great initiative for us to have a close eye on one cycling

most talented countries and encourage the further development of the young riders coming through, along with ensuring the best of them, get the opportunities they deserve.”

The winner of the ten-day competition (most likely a continental rider) gets the unique opportunity to show his skills in the WorldTour team. ICA offers the best club rider, according to the Director Sportives who will choose between the number one, two or three in the general standings after 10 races, a one-year contract for the 2021-season.


Flavio Pasquino, the initiator of Topcompetitie, is extremely proud of the partnership between the competition and ISN/ICA. “We have been spoiled the last couple of years. First, we had a partnership with the Dutch Roompot-Nederlandse Loterij Pro-continental team and then we partnered up with Jumbo-Visma and Katusha-Alpecin.”

“The fact that we can now have a new partnership with ISN is fantastic. Within the team, I saw extremely motivated and hard-working people. Israel SUN liked the idea very much and I am looking forward to an intense partnership in the following years.”