• The first pump track in Rwanda was just completed thanks to incredible help from more than 1,200 cycling fans

• The new state-of-the-art pump track completes the first phase of Israel – Premier Tech’s Field of Dreams cycling center project in Bugesera, Rwanda

The district of Bugesera is now home to the first ever state-of-the-art pump track in Rwanda after construction was completed yesterday. The new pump track that was designed and constructed by the Swiss “Velosolutions” company will soon enable thousands of kids from all over the region to take advantage of this new addition to ride, have fun, and improve their cycling skills.

The pump track was built by Israel – Premier Tech with the extraordinary and generous support of more than 1200 cycling fans from around the world who, together with the Israeli pro cycling team’s owners, riders, and staff, donated more than 250,000 Euros to build a cycling center in Bugesera, Rwanda.

The team will now move on to the second phase of the Field of Dreams project: building a unique race and training track. This facility will enable more advanced riders of all ages to develop their skills.

The team owners praised the many fans who came forward and donated to the initiative in an unprecedented, worldwide fundraising campaign that was launched during the 2022 Tour de France.

I want to thank our fans – the best fans in cycling,” said team owner Sylvan Adams. “None of this would be possible without you.”

Team partner Jean Belanger added, “It is such an amazing project created for those who need our support. Seeing over a thousand of our fans donate to make this happen makes me really proud.”

The unique pump track was designed and constructed by Velosolutions, the Swiss company that is considered a world leader in the arena. Pump tracks combine a playground with a challenging track that can be both fun and used to develop the technical skills of more advanced riders. “We made sure that this particular pump track would be a source of joy and skill development for a wide range of youth,” said Velosolutions and Pump for Peace CEO Claudio Caluori. “It is beautiful pump track and none deserve it more than the youth of Bugesera. We may see some fast kids coming from there soon!”

The team plans to send bikes and trainers from Israel to Rwanda specifically to train both guides from the local community and the women’s cycling team that Israel – Premier Tech adopted and has supported for the past two years.

Serge Gasore, a survivor of the genocide against the Tutsi and the founder of the “Community of Hope” in Bugesera, donated the land for the project. He expressed his hope that the pump track and the Field of Dreams bike center would be a “source of joy, especially for the kids,” and that “it can also be empowering for the entire community.”

Israel – Premier Tech’s South African rider, Daryl Impey, who was the first rider from the African continent to don the yellow jersey in the Tour de France, admitted that “Even though I never had the chance to experience something like this when I was growing up, to be able to get out there and ride in such a safe environment – there’s no better alternative. I am so happy we can make a difference and give the children a platform on which to develop themselves.”

Team founder Ron Baron vowed that the team would continue its commitment to the Racing for Change vision. “This is a dream come true. This beautiful pump track is the first step to giving the youth of Bugesera what they so deserve. This whole project will impact the lives of many.”

Richard Mutabazi, the mayor of Bugesera, has given his full support to the initiative and said, “We see this project as a unique opportunity for the whole community – especially our youth. This is only the start of a great and promising mission that will change lives for the better.”