Whilst the Israel National Trail was made at first for hiking, in recent years an exciting new trail has been inspired by it. The Israel Bike Trail follows a similar philosophy to the National Trail; to give cyclists the ability to experience the very best of the wildlife, scenery and history that Israel has to offer. The planned route will extend from Mount Meron in the North, all the way to Eilat in the South, much like the National Trail.

Currently, the Israel Bike Trail covers four hundred and twenty kilometers, and has eleven unique sectors, each offering its own blend of landscapes and experiences. Starting in Eilat in the South, the trail snakes its way through the arid Negev desert, passing the awe-inspiring Ramon Crater, before heading back north again towards Sde Boker. There is also a new seventy-kilometer stretch from Arad to the Dead Sea, a journey which takes you from over six hundred meters above sea level down to the lowest point on earth, four hundred meters below, offering a thrilling downhill ride, racing through tricky switchbacks and exhilarating and fast straight sections.

Eventually, the route will span over one thousand two hundred kilometers, and will be composed of 27 sectors, passing through Old Town of Jerusalem, tireless Tel Aviv, and the Golan Heights far in the North. This breathtaking journey will allow cyclists to be immersed in Israel’s natural beauty just as the National Trail has done for hikers and whilst it will be a monumental physical challenge to complete the entire trail, it will bring you closer to the heart of Israel, one pedal-stroke at a time.

And this is what Chris Froome experienced when he was exploring Israel by bike.

“I think Israel just has so much to offer in terms of activities people can do. Just how diverse the country is in nature, in culture, and there are just so many different landscapes, like the Dead Sea where it’s completely dry and arid to up in the mountains and to the flat, all whilst mountain biking. It’s been an amazing experience.”

What makes this Bike Trail even more special is its builders’ attention to detail and tireless work to make sure it blends naturally into the landscape, to make it as if it had always been there. Every kilometer is constructed using only local materials, sourced and transported by hand. This meticulous commitment to detail ensures minimal environmental impact from the path’s construction, and it preserves the delicate balance of the natural reserves the path draws from. As a result, the trail feels as if it’s been there for centuries, a timeless path woven into the very fabric of the landscape.

And this is largely what the Bike Trail wishes to encapsulate; seamlessly bringing cyclists closer than ever to the culture and natural heart of Israel. The Cycling Trail embodies the commitment of the Israel National Trail Project to the preservation of the natural world, whilst also allowing for adventure and exploration, achieving a rare natural balance between environmental preservation and tourism. And it never loses sight of the original goal of the project, to be the ultimate cycling adventure whilst experiencing Israel’s natural beauty. So what are you waiting for?