It’s not always easy to mesh into a new team. Strange faces. Different environment. And that Hebrew…
But forget all of that when it comes to Patrick “everybody calls me Paddy” Bevin. The man from the magical 🧙‍♀‍ kiwi 🥝 island of New Zealand felt right at home with ISN when he stepped into our 2021 training camp a few days ago. “I’ve raced with at least 20 ISN guys in the last few years and I got such a warm welcome from everyone. It’s almost weird to feel at home so quickly.”
It’s been a bit weird from many other aspects though, like the fact that for the first time he could not go home to NZ in the offseason, what with Corona and all. So, he stayed in Girona and experienced the first cold Christmas of his life. “I enjoyed it, and it was great for my training, just staying put.”
Now it’s new teammates, new kit, new bike – and new challenges. He is a TT expert but considers himself much more versatile, and with the new direction of ISN could become a GC contender. “Stage races are my thing, and I know I can help a lot. Yalla!”