Not just ‘a promising talent’ any longer, but the real deal. The Latvian showed how good he could be on that super breakaway day in the Tour de France that got him the most combative rider award.
“But now,” says Krists as he starts his fifth season with us, “I am ready to take another leap forward.” Like many of his teammates, he understands that stepping up is a must. “As I see it, riding with guys like Froome or Mike Woods will make me better. I feel that by helping them I will test my limits, and that’s just right for me.”
His number one goal is clear: “Get onto the TDF squad this year. It will be huge.”
He is almost ISN’s homeboy. “I feel so happy here as we grow together each year. It’s perfect for me. I just had the most intensive off-season training I can remember. So, I am ready. I am just hoping that COVID will not wreak havoc on our racing program!”