Earlier this year, Israel Start-Up Nation teamed up with Fuoriclasse, a cycling data and statistics provider, to further strengthen the team’s scouting and recruitment process.

But what does that mean? CEO & Founder of Fuoriclasse, Olivier Poignard, explains: “Old traditional scouting meant that you had to go to all the races to see how the riders performed. We have made a platform to enhance that.

“With Fuoriclasse, the team can benchmark different riders of interest and get all the data analytics they need to see each rider’s strength and weaknesses. If the team is looking at two similar rider profiles, this could help decide which one is the best one to pick. Our database not only includes professional riders but also Juniors and U23.”

General manager of Israel Start-Up Nation, Kjell Carlström, agrees. “We can’t be present at all the races around the world so Fuoriclasse is a very useful tool for our scouting process. It’s great for individuating the riders that are able to produce results and track their progression over time, which is a very important aspect, especially for young riders.

“For example, you may have somebody in mind who has progressed to a certain level at age 17 already, but then the progress might slow down after that because of the early development that rider had. With Fuoriclasse and their database that is very extensive we can track riders over time.

“We know how important scouting is, and as a team that’s sort of a start-up ourselves, we understand the importance of using technology to help us. I think there is a great synergy between ISN and Fuoriclasse.”