If you thought that the guys are relaxing after a grueling season and ahead of the 2020 MONSTER season…

Well, think again.

For some of them, it was one action-packed recess. Including, Mountain trekking, Motor cross, Football mania, and… house painting.

We got the exclusive evidence, adding our Photographer NOA reminders of the action-packed season they had…

krists neilands



The one guy that took it easy was Krists Neilands. But even the Latvian was not about to lay in the beach forever. ”Me and my girlfriend chosed to go to Thailand because of the culture difference, to see how people live in Asia. Also while in Europe the weather starts to get colder, here we could extend summer, relax at the beach, see the beautiful views of islands and the taste Asian food”…





Miku Raim



Here is a guy that needs some consoling. The ”Viking” took on the house walls instead of real adventures. Miku Raim: ”My holidays at the moment. Home, Estonia , Tallinn. Trying my “new” job. I am renovating the apartment and repainting doors.”. Don’t feel bad for him. He is ok with it. ”The fun ? Is that I never do something like this so it’s bit challenging but also interesting. Yalla!”



Davide Cimolai




Do you recognize this INTER fan? It’s our Davide Cimolai, and after some pasta and sun packed vacation in Sicily, he went to watch his favorite team. ”I ❤️ My team” he made sure we know. Ok. Got you, Cimo.






Guy Sagiv Omer Goldstein




The perfect couple. The two Israeli Champions Guy Sagiv and Omer Shapira. From the bike to the high mountains of Georgia.” We walked 15 km’s,” he said. ”Can you believe it?”. NO






Rudy Barbier




Rudy Barbier plays it hard. ״Winter is a breath of fresh air with friends and family. The motocross afternoon with my brother and the evening party time around family meals. And sometimes private party or disco🙈. I’m already thinking about the next season that makes me very envious and excited🚀🔥 Yalla!




Matteo Badilatti




Our Matteo Badilatti is a pure climbed so no winder that he climbs even when his bike is left home. ”Enjoying the nature and autumn colors of the mountains in the Valle di Poschiavo. Have a beautiful day and all the best,” he said.