A special event was held in the “Gino Bartali Youth Leadership Cycling School”, on Friday, September 13, 2019.

ICA, in a collaboration with the new Israel Cycling Center Foundation had launched its 2nd year of high-schools cycling program in Israel.

In the event, that took place at the Ben Shemen Youth Village, home of the new “Gino Bartali Youth Leadership Cycling School”, and the famous education institute, in which former President and Nobel Prize award Shimon Peres grew up, ICA had welcomed the young cyclists of its program, for a fun day of Mountain bike riding in the trails of the famous Ben Shemen forest, the MTB “Mecca” of Israel.

Israel Cycling Academy Ben Shemen youth Village Opening Ceremony

ICA’s support of the grassroots of the sport in Israel, is truly the core mission behind the “Academy” name and stands for its commitment to leave a sustainable positive impact on the lives of young Israelis, through the sport of cycling.

In collaboration with the “Israel Cycling Center” foundation, ICA is currently running cycling programs for youth in 8 boarding-schools, youth villages and community centers around the country.

The program, that involves weekly MTB training for high-school and middle-school students, includes boys and girls from diverse background, including Jewish, Arabs, Druze, immigrants, youth at risk and youth with special needs.

The goal of the program is not only to create the next generation of Israeli cycling champions but rather establish a culture of sport that would teach life skills and bridge cultural gaps among the participants of the program.

Following a very successful first year of activity, ICA’s grassroots program is expected to grow significantly in the coming school year, overseeing a total of up to 200 students in 8 educational institutes around the country, including:

Israel Cycling Academy Ben Shemen youth Village Opening Ceremony (3)

Kadoorie Youth Village
Ramat Hadassah Youth Village
Alonei Yitzhak Youth Village
Ayanot Youth Village
Ben Shemen Youth Village
“Eden” Girls’ boarding school
– “Ahava” boarding School
– Shefar’am’s Community Center

Israel Cycling Academy Ben Shemen youth Village Opening Ceremony (4)

ICA’s chairman Ron Baron, attended the event and said: “I am proud to see all of these amazing young cyclists, the schools directors and our incredible instructors here today. It is incredible to see what you have achieved in such a short time and we are very excited to help you achieve much more in the years to come”.

Israel Cycling Academy Ben Shemen youth Village Opening Ceremony, Ron Baron