Think about a faraway village. Think about its crisp air, a snow-peaked mountain that looms above, and a river that runs through it all.
This idyllic place is Guy Niv’s new home. And it is, in fact, Israel’s Kibbutz Dan, found in the far north of the country and a paradise for the most celebrated Israeli cyclist of the last year. “I am the proof,” said the compact-sized climber, “that you can climb as much as a cyclist who lives in the Alps, plus enjoy some unbelievable weather and unmatched tranquility and peace of mind.”
Guy seems to have found peace of mind in more than just his new home surroundings. Months after his historic finish in the 2020 Tour de France, he is set to take on a new and updated path. A Tour repeat is no longer his top priority or goal.
Now, he is focused on upgrading his skills to become “a proven and worthy domestique for our top riders in the top races.” It will take some time to become one, and he has the patience. The first step is to get to play a more significant role in some second-level races, as opposed to, for example, being the 8th rider in the Tour.
This year, he may set his eyes on the Vuelta a Espana, where he can take on a bigger role. “I feel that the best is yet to come for me. Being the first Israeli to finish the Tour de France was awesome, but I can reach much further.”