Guy Niv took another step up in his career in the past week’s challenging Tour of the Alps with several good performances in the mountainous stage race in Austria and Italy.

In fact, the Italian races seem to fit Niv rather well this year. After being part of the team winning the TTT in Coppi e Bartali last month – and helping Ben Hermans to finish 6th overall in the race – the 27-year-old Israeli rider, continued to show good shape in Tour of the Alps.

Always supporting his teammates, helping the team achieve success, Niv still managed to finish 31st overall in the race, proving that he is constantly progressing as a rider. On the difficult last stage of the race, Niv took 28th place, crossing the finishing line right behind his team leader Dan Martin, whom he has been riding in service of the whole week.

Guy Niv: “This has been a super nice race for me. I have really enjoyed it. My shape is looking good right now and it’s been really good for me to ride here with Dan and start building a relationship with him, knowing how to better support him in the races we will do together this year.”

Niv arrived at Tour of the Alps directly from an altitude training camp together with Chris Froome and it was clear that the extra focus on climbing this year has had an effect.

Guy Niv: “We can definitely see that I took another step up this season. I’m able to support my teammates better and be there for the leader at more crucial moments in the races. I’ve improved my climbing skills a lot this year and feel like a much better rider. I’m really looking forward to the next races!”

Sports director, Claudio Cozzi: “Guy has been developing very well as a rider this year. We have seen a good progression with him. He finished Tour of the Alps on a very strong note and I think he will do well in the up-coming races”.