With #VisitIsrael and Hammerhead, Israel Start-Up Nation shares the favorite loops of all Israeli riders in our two teams.

In volume 5 we feature Edo Goldstein. “This is the route I always do with my two brothers.”


Edo is the youngest of three cycling-addicted kids in the Goldstein family. This route is where he, his brother and WorldTour-team rider Omer, and retired Roy were and are training on a regular basis.

“It starts in my home town, Gilon, a small village in the north of Israel,” Edo says, “and from there we cross Israel from the west to the east.”

“We cross the Galil mountains, with peaks above 1200 meters of altitude, and visit the Meron mountain.”

The reason why Edo loves this route is the quietness in the area. “Most of the time we are the only ones on the road,” he says. “Next to that, for most of the route it feels like I am riding in Tuscany, Italy. It is similar, with beautiful scenery and amazing mountain views. An absolute must-ride.”

Goldstein’s favorite loop, click here
Goldstein’s favorite segment, click here

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