Italian sprinter Davide Cimolai just missed out on his fourth podium spot in this year’s Giro d’Italia.

To make Israel Start-Up Nation’s Giro d’Italia an even bigger success, the team is chasing a stage victory. ISN is in the mix for basically all the remaining stages in this Giro, including the flat finishes with Cimolai.

Today’s thirteenth stage was only going to be spectacular if there was a wind blowing throughout. It didn’t, so stage 13 was – as expected – decided in a mass sprint.

Austrian locomotive Matthias Brändle brought Cimolai to the front in the final two kilometers. From there, it was up to the Italian sprinter himself to keep his position.

He managed very well, developed an incredible speed, and got a little bit boxed in on the left side. He got out and sprinted to fourth in Verona.

Cimo has, on paper, one – maybe two – more chances to fulfil his dream. But the team will have more chances to achieve its goal, starting tomorrow with Dan Martin on the very steep Zoncolan.