The sun sets in Tel Aviv, Israel and Chris Froome is sitting by the sea, reflecting on his adventure down the Israel National Trail over the last two days, having experienced much of what it has to offer.

“The last forty-eight hours for me in Israel, it’s been such an eye-opener. Just how diverse the country is in nature, in culture, it’s really just been such an energizing experience.”

From Mount Meron in the North to the Red Sea in the South, the Israel National Trail is a continuous path stretching over a thousand kilometers and offers hikers a diverse and captivating journey through the country’s landscapes, history, and culture. Over two days we followed Chris as he adventured through Israel, capturing his unique experiences.

“There’s just so many different landscapes, from the Dead Sea where it’s completely dry and arid, to Tel Aviv, where it’s just so different. You’ve got such a mix of so many different cultures that have come together to make this melting pot of life, of energy,” Froome explains, having experienced the Trail.

And it was not just the landscape and culture which led him to fall in love with the area, but also it allowed him to switch off and relax. “It’s been a long time for me personally that I’ve just been able to feel like a kid again, and mountain biking, and floating on the Dead Sea eating watermelon and having a beer, just really switching off.”

“In Israel, you’re able to let your inner self out. It really is a playground. You can do whatever you want, there’s just so much to do here. It’s been an amazing experience.”

Accompanying him on the trip was former professional and Israeli cycling legend, Guy Niv, who was convinced Froome thoroughly enjoyed his time in Israel.

“He experienced Israel in a different way from previous times he visited. Much more relaxed, just like a tourist, and it definitely left a very positive impression on him,” explained Niv. “I’m glad that I had the opportunity to show him our country with all its beautiful and unique aspects.”

For Chris this was somewhat of a mid-season break, having a rare chance to kick back and relax during his busy racing schedule, and Guy knew that this would benefit him. “We have been together in training camps and races. Just a year ago, we were together in the Tour de France. But now we got to experience a completely different adventure. There is no doubt that it was refreshing and a lot of fun.”

There is undoubtedly plenty of fun to be had in Israel, but Israeli culture and history are also unique. With cities that date back over three-thousand years and ruins of once-thriving metropolises, much of what Israel can offer is based on its own past.

“Spending time in the downtown streets of Jerusalem you can feel the history. You can feel visiting sites like Masada, climbing on the side of the rock mountain knowing that it was a fort, if those walls could speak they would tell a thousand stories.”

It is this mix of history, culture and excitement that really endeared Froome to his Israeli adventure.

“I think Israel just has so much to offer in terms of activities people can do, it’s a place where you can let your inner self out. I think being in Israel these last 48 hours has really brought the child out of me. A lot of people can find something that they really enjoy doing here in Israel.”

For Israel – Premier Tech Team Owner, Sylvan Adams, Froome’s trip shows more than just the sights one can see in Israel, but also the unique experiences and unique culture the people of Israel can offer, especially those interested in sports and adventuring.

“This video gives viewers a taste of Israel. Israel has a robust sporting culture, symbolized by Chris’s adventure on Israel’s National Trail, which will have particular appeal to viewers of the Tour. But, they will also see Israel’s unique mix of diverse cultures, exciting blend of ancient and modern, warmth of our people, and libertine beach life. Chris’s personal voyage of discovery in Israel, when seen by the hundreds of millions of Tour viewers, will surely whet the appetite of new tourists to our country. They will discover, as Chris did, the exotic wonders, adventures, and utter enjoyment that a trip to Israel entails. See you there.”