Upon arrival at the PPO in Hovden, Patrick Bevin started to feel unwell. Soon after, his stomach started aching and he had to throw up. Israel – Premier Tech’s team leader took the start, even though his body protested.

Yesterday, Bevin was IPT’s top finisher in 11th place, after having moved up significantly in the GC. The team wanted to go for a top 5 in the GC and sprint with him in the fourth stage, which was long but flat. However, Bevin, who didn’t have any issues prior to the stage start, was forced to step into the team car after an hour of racing.

After Bevin was forced to abandon and with 170 km left to race, the team prepared for a change of plans. As the day progressed, Tom van Asbroeck was assigned the new role of sprinter, a role he carried out well.

It was a group of around forty riders hunting down the line in Kristiansand, and the Belgian allrounder received full support from his teammates in the final. Van Asbroeck finished fourth.

“I had to brake hard in the final, lost some crucial speed, and then could not make it to the top 3 anymore,” Van Asbroeck said. “I cannot be disappointed with this result, as I didn’t sprint for a long time.”

“My teammates talked confidence into me after Paddy had to abandon. I have to thank them for their trust and support. They were fabulous today.”