Israeli Yuval Ben Moshe 6th place in the Italian Capital

DS Ruben Plaza : “ Super Good race “ for ISN

It’s one thing to promise, and another thing – a much harder thing – to deliver.


In that sense, it was a delight to witness the promising young bunch from Israel Cycling Academy deliver, yet again, another super solid performance; this time in the streets of the prestigious Italian capital of Rome yesterday, with Israeli Yuval Ben Moshe finishing sixth.

“Super race,” were the words that Ruben Plaza used to describe what he has been watching. And coming from a former rider, now ICA sports director, who experienced (and delivered) a great career in the pro peloton, that’s a pretty awesome compliment.


Like their senior ISN colleagues who raced yesterday in Liège–Bastogne–Liège, it was another team effort that kept the guys in the game and finally enabled them to sprint and fight for a victory at such a prestigious and high-level one-day race – the 74th (!) edition of GP Liberazione.


It was right in the heart of Rome, a 6 km urban circuit. “It was so cool,” exclaimed the 22-year-old Yuval Ben Moshe. “Almost no flat, all urban plus some jets above us…”


There was a breakaway right from the start, and Yuval took the opportunity to jump right in. He has suffered a series of crashes recently, “and I felt much safer in the breakaway,” he said, half-jokingly. But when his breakaway was caught, his Israeli teammate, Edo Goldstein, was ready to lead the next one. When Edo’s breakaway got caught, the team started working in the front and successfully chased the third breakaway of the day.


When 40 riders arrived at the sprint, we were in the best position, but that’s where things got a bit complicated. Our leading sprinter, Taj Jones, lost momentum due to a mechanical, and it was up to Yuval to make a move. “We did not really get out from the last corner in the best position, but I felt I am faster than the rest and passed some guys. Unfortunately, I was boxed in a bit and settled for sixth. It’s a high-level race, so I can be happy, I guess, but I am more satisfied with how strong I felt.”

Yalla Academy. Keep it up.