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Reto Hollenstein


From the DS

Reto is one of our strongest riders and has made a name for himself as a super domestique. He is a pure gregario. When we need him, he is there and it doesn’t matter what terrain. He can do a one-day race, he can do a Grand Tour, cobbles, or mountains. This is good but it means we can use him everywhere which sometimes means his program is always changing depending on where we need him most.

- Dirk Demol

Career Stats

  • 10 Grand Tours
  • 25 Monuments

2016 Baloise Belgium Tour - 2nd
2016 World Championships ITT - 9th

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Joined the team

  • 2020


  • Born in Switzerland
  • 38 years old
  • Birthday: August 22nd
  • 80 kg 1.97 m
  • Based in Bad Erlach, Austria
  • Speaks Swiss German, English
  • How to say his name  

Spot Him in The Bunch

Because of his height. At 1.97m, Reto is one of the tallest rider's in the bunch.

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