Mike Woods‘ palmarès is not short of high-quality victories: Tour de France and Vuelta a España stages, WorldTour wins at Tirreno and Romandie, and a couple of GC victories on there, too. On Saturday one more win was added to that list: aged 37, Woods won the Canadian road race championships for the first time in his career.

“I’m super proud to have won today and claim the national champion’s jersey,” he says. “To be wearing the maple leaf jersey for the next year is something that I’m really excited about.”

Woods crossed the line alongside IPT Academy rider and newly-crowned Canadian TT champion Pier-André Côté.

The 199.2-kilometer race in Saint-Georges split up in the first 45 minutes of racing, before Woods, Côté and Carson Miles (Team N’side) ultimately formed the race-winning selection. Côté went solo approximately 75 kilometers from the finish before Woods bridged across to him. The duo crossed the line together over 11 minutes ahead of Miles.

Woods adds: “I couldn’t have done it without the help of Pier-André, it was awesome to have him in the race. He was a star, he was super strong, and I wouldn’t have won without him. To win side by side with him was special.”

IPT Academy rider Luke Valenti placed seventh and was the fourth-highest under-23 finisher in the race.

Photos: Rob Jones