Israel – Premier Tech is pleased to announce that Santa Madre will come onboard as official IPT nutrition sponsor in 2023.

The Spanish sports nutrition company has a strong scientific focus in their product development and specializes in high performance and innovative carbohydrate delivery products, which is evident in their so-branded “Unusual” drinks and gel products.

Performance Scientist at IPT, David Bailey, explains: “Nowadays, the riders are consuming more than 100 grams of carbohydrates an hour during the Classics and the big Grand Tour stages. The products being provided by Santa Madre will give us a great advantage to better deliver these carbohydrates during performance.”

IPT Nutritionist, Gabriel Martins, adds: “Modern cycling is more intense and more explosive than ever before and therefore, recovery and high performance, in form of high carbohydrates intake, have never been as important as it is now. A team will get a competitive edge if they have high carbohydrates drinks and products available and with Santa Madre, we have found exactly that.”

IPT Santa Madre